Venue Emergency Fees Less Than ‘Gorge’ous

The music determines the emergency. Country concert? Mostly alcohol poisoning and drunken fights. Electronica? Drug overdose and dehydration. A big thing like Sasquatch? Probably all of the above. Quincy Valley Medical Center—the closest hospital to the Gorge Amphitheater—sees almost every patient. Due to the high medical costs of concert-caused accidents and injuries, state legislators are […]

Seattle U Behind in Campus Acccessibility

The grates in the sidewalk matter. So does the level and width of the sidewalk. Doors matter—the opening force, location; proximity to one another. Slopes matter too. As do building signage, handrails and parking spaces—these are all aspects that must be considered when ensuring the accessibility of a space. These components, and more, are outlined […]

‘Big Love’: Amazing, Weird and Worth It

As I left Lee Center after seeing the Theatre Department’s spring production of “Big Love,” I heard someone describe the show as “amazing and weird.” I think that’s a perfect description. Despite feeling unsettled by the dramatic and macabre closing scenes, I was overwhelmingly impressed by the intricate messages of love, life and empathy. Combined […]

Dissecting Proposition 1

It’s unfortunate there can only be one winner in an election, because ultimately, both sides of Proposition 1 voters are on to something—Metro routes should not be cut and costs should not rise. The proposed tax measure would raise sales and use tax by 0.1 percent and increase fees on car tabs to $60. As […]

Three New Restaurants Spice Up The Hill

In case your weekends aren’t already filled to the brim with dinner and drinks at all your favorite Capitol Hill hotspots, here are three more recently opened dining-and-drinking joints that you may want to check out. If you aren’t 21, these won’t be of much interest to you, but you can start thinking ahead for […]

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