Softball Swept By UMKC

Photo courtesy of Seattle University Athletics Softball player, Isabella Geronimo Seattle University softball had a busy weekend at home, playing three games over two days here at Logan Field against University of Missouri-Kansas City. Starting Friday evening, Seattle U (15-30,1-11 WAC) had their first match up with UMKC (21-19,10-2 WAC).The game started well, with a […]

Tay; Social Experiment Gone Too Right in the Wrong Way

On March 23, Microsoft launched an experimental artificial intelligent chat bot with the goal to “experiment with and conduct research on conversational understanding.” The Artificial Intelligence (AI), dubbed “Tay” was programed to learn from the Internet, through exposure to online conversation with humans and other sources, primarily on Twitter. Within less than 24 hours, Microsoft […]

Not So Breaking News

Food. As a society we not only consume it but we are ruled by it, often culturally characterized by it; bombarded with advertisements and everything from produce to the fastest of foods. With such a large influence on our daily lives and basic survival, it is strange—and honestly sad—when one takes a step back and […]

Not So Breaking News

You mine for them, they are money for the age of technology by the age of technology; they are bitcoins. As if money wasn’t already weird enough. Pieces of inherently worthless paper that are given actual economic power through use; exchanged for goods and services, designating a “price” to every daily activity. Now rather than […]

Not So Breaking News

This week headlines about natural disasters, political campaigns and unrest in Syria, inform us about the state of America and the global state of humans. My question is, why do we so often overlook the news that completely embodies human reactions and emotion, the beauty of human error and stupidity? In early October—this isn’t such […]

Not So Breaking News

Why is stuff so crazy? Media secret forethought the world is bonkers. Recently Tesla Motors released a software update for their cars with a surprising new feature: autopilot. That’s right, certain models—Model S—of Tesla vehicles are now capable of self-navigating on the road. Tesla cars are virtual computers on wheels and if you don’t know […]

Thoughts of A Liar

A namesake is often all one can stand by in this world. So when the pride of a last name, truly a lineage, comes into question it must be defended. I come from the lineage of Salsbury. My last name represents ages of a clan in which honor was held in the highest regard. Those […]

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