Critic’s Corner: ‘Oculus’

When I was 12, my friends and I were obsessed with the mirror maze at the local mall. Every weekend, we’d beg our parents to take us “shopping” so we could wander through it over and over, giggling every time we bumped into a mirror we expected to be an exit. Giddy and tired, we’d […]

Spring Fashion

Illustrations by Alyssa Brandt Spring Fashion Button Downs You can do just about anything with a button down this season—tie it, cut it, tuck it, twist it, Bop It, you name it. Designers are taking the classic cotton button down and reinventing it with modern twists like cutouts, bows, and dramatic silhouettes. Go for the […]

SU Should Walk the Walk

“We foster a concern for justice and the competence to promote it,” reads Seattle University’s Mission, Vision and Values. The statement is listed beneath the Justice value, the value that the university touts above all others. But when it comes to environmental justice, “concerned” is not a word I would use to describe our administration—“hypocritical” […]

Critic’s Corner: ‘Son of God’

I have a confession to make: I love Jesus movies. Growing up, “The Greatest Story Ever Told” was a staple in my household and I’ve happily sat through it at least 10 times. Same with 1961’s “King of Kings,” which is my personal favorite of the subgenre. I love the melodrama and bad special effects. […]

Critic’s Corner: Matthew McConaughey, a History

Because it still blows my mind that Matthew McConaughey is nominated for an Oscar, I’ve assembled a timeline detailing the Southern charmer’s unexpected evolution. God bless him. The Early ‘Daze’ (1991-2000) “My Boyfriend’s Back,” Guy #2 McConaughey made his filmic debut in “My Boyfriend’s Back,” a film about a teenage boy who returns from the […]

Critic’s Corner: Film News Bites

Ellen Page Reveals She’s Gay Actress Ellen Page (“Juno,” “Inception”) came out as gay on Friday at the Time to Thrive conference. Page, 26, said she was “tired of hiding” and “lying by omission.” Check out Variety’s take on why Page’s announcement really matters. “Gravity” and “12 Years” Win Big at BAFTAs Yesterday, “Gravity” took […]

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