Letter From The Editor

I can’t help getting wrapped up in the New Year’s Eve optimism year after year. I know that most of the parties are a corporate racket, that the night more often ends with a hangover than with a magical midnight smooch, that we all revert to Top Pot–snarfing, gym-avoiding procrastinators the second the champagne goes […]

How Do You Like Manao?

Over the years, a several-block swath of south Capitol Hill has become a miniature restaurant row. We owe it, at least in part, to two prolific restaurateurs: Ethan Stowell anchors 15th Avenue with Bar Cotto and Anchovies and Olives, and just a few blocks down, Jason Stratton turns out some of the city’s best Italian […]

Feminism Still Crucial

Emma Watson’s speech on feminism at the UN headquarters on Sept. 21, while not above critique (can we stop ignoring race while talking about the pay gap, please? Because white women actually make more than pretty much everyone else except for white men), was a solid step forward in getting people to acknowledge that feminism […]

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