Unbeaten in The Ring, Injustice In The Court

Thrown fists. Bloody faces. Knock outs. I’m not talking about a professional boxing match. No, not the ‘Fight of the Century’ in which Floyd Mayweather Jr. defeated Manny Pacquiao for a take home of $180 million on Saturday night. I’m talking about the domestic space. Floyd’s home. The place where multiple women have been the […]

Critic’s Corner: ‘Chappie’

Does the world really need another poorly conceived campy robot action flick? Director Neill Blomkamp obviously seems to think so. Compared with his critically-acclaimed sci-fi thrillers “District 9” and “Elysium,” Blomkamp’s latest film “Chappie” falls flat. The complex narrative, hastily squeezed into a two hour film, falls into inconsistent breaks that prevent it from gathering […]

Brotherhood Can Beget Bigotry

Fraternities churn out thousands of young men every year—seemingly to make positive change in the world around them. Yet some fraternities may drastically fail to meet that standard. On the 50th anniversary of Selma’s Bloody Sunday, University of Oklahoma’s Sigma Alpha Epsilon chapter provided an ugly reminder that racism is alive and well in parts […]

SU Directors Spotlight The Frustrations And Revelations Of The Creative Process

Inspiration. An idea. Passion. The drive to put it down on paper. Frustration, revision and more frustration. Then, all of a sudden, that original idea has morphed into something likeable, something good, something completely off from the beginning. Sound familiar? It should to anyone that has taken on the process of writing. Three student-directed one […]

Redhawks Smother Utah Valley For Win

Seattle University smothered Utah Valley (UVU), 53-33 in a key WAC contest Saturday night during the Redhawks’ homecoming. They flipped the script from early January’s 70-52 defeat in Utah. “We definitely remembered that,” said guard Isiah Umipig, who tallied 12 points on the night. “They hit you on screens, they box you out. They’re a […]

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