Students Prepare for Murdock Conference

Next weekend, hundreds of student and faculty researchers from Northwest private colleges and universities will gather in Vancouver, Wash. for the 23rd Annual Murdock College Science Research Conference. This conference is a chance for students to share their research with fellow students as well as the greater collegiate science community. Seattle University is sending nearly […]

Editorial: Education to Action

As Seattle University students, we have been told that we are preparing to be leaders for a just and humane world. We have caught glimpses of what this means in a variety of settings—through classes that challenge us to apply the ethics we’re learning to global problems, through service-learning projects that encourage involvement with diverse […]

‘Lucky Lulu’ A Mammoth Addition To Museum

Just when you thought Seattle couldn’t get any more interesting, local residents have found a name for the mammoth tusk that was discovered in the heart of a Lake Union neighborhood earlier this year. After a naming contest, the tusk was dubbed Lucky Lulu—“Lucky” because the find was just that, and “Lulu” for the abbreviated […]

Swishes For Wishes Hopes For A Slam Dunk

In case you didn’t get your basketball fix during the regular season, there’s one more game at Connolly Center this spring that should not be missed: the Swishes for Wishes basketball game. Not only is this game a friendly (but fierce) competition between Seattle University students and faculty, but it’s also a nebula of school […]

Students Fight For Change on Credit Cap

The word graduation brings to mind images of success, commemoration, and celebration with friends and family and peers—an exciting milestone. Generally, even students with a few remaining credits are still able to walk at graduation and celebrate with their classmates, and then finish course requirements in the following summer or fall quarters. This year, however, […]

SU Alum Eddie O’Brien’s Legacy Remembered

Seattle University lost a beloved member of its community when Eddie O’Brien passed away on Feb. 21 at the age of 83. Eddie was a former student-athlete, coach and athletic director. Caught up in the madness of Seattle University’s homecoming weekend basketball game, with zealous students covered in red and black body paint and fans […]

Seattle Proposes Face ‘Lyft’ For Rideshares

Talk of imposed regulations on the popular rideshares such as Lyft and Uber has fueled debate among the Seattle community. If you’re a college student or young adult living in a large city like Seattle, chances are you use taxi services occasionally or maybe even rely on them to get to and from work. And […]

2014 Winter Olympics Highlights

Does anyone else feel like the two weeks of Winter Olympics flew by faster than an Olympic speed skater? With the 2014 Winter Olympics finally drawing to a close on Sunday with the grandiose closing ceremonies, it’s time for the Olympic fever to calm down until the Summer Olympics begin in 2016. If you didn’t […]

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