Cheese, Greens and Ice Cream at Chophouse row

Those who frequent Melrose Market know that it’s kind of a community wonderland. Different permanent vendors make space to sell their wines, meats, beeswax candles and anything else you can package into a mason jar. Liz Dunn, co-developer of Melrose Market, has put together a new project on Capitol Hill. It’s called Chophouse Row, and […]

Same-Sex Marriage Debate: Too Soon Or Too Late?

Last Tuesday’s Supreme Court debate about same-sex marriage was the result of decades of buildup, and will result in years of implications to come. The Justices in the Supreme Court began what will be a two-month period determining the constitutional legitimacy of same-sex marriage. In a broad sense, it is a two-pronged debate: the first […]

‘Imagining The World’ Through a Photo Lens

It was clear to Joy Durkin that the Ganges River was a holy place. People along its banks were doing religious spiritual work by the water and in temples. She sat in a boat, cutting through India by way of the great river, and when her guide looked off into the distance, she snapped a […]

Week In Review

MASS EXECUTION IN INDONESIA— Eight of nine drug prisoners in Indonesia were executed by firing squad on Tuesday. All but one of them foreigners, these nine were all arrested on charges related to drug crimes through an effort by Indonesian President Joko Widodo to crack down on drug-related law violations. However, the legal proceedings proved […]

Harmony Arnold Dresses Up ‘Jacques Brel’

‘Jacques Brel’ Review It’s hard to listen to Jacques Brel’s music without being touched by the haunting solemnity floating in the lyrics—even if you don’t understand French. Brel was a hugely influential Belgian singer-songwriter who sang with a whole lot of heart, engaging each song passionately, sweat pouring down his face as he belted his […]

Breast Cancer: Balancing Care And Cost

Though we can all recognize those pink ribbons and wrist bands famous for supporting those with breast cancer, it might be time to question whether they actually help. Last week, a study published in the Journal of Health Affairs reported that the United States spends $4 billion a year on false-positive mammograms and over-diagnoses. These […]

Homeless are Setting up Camp in Seattle

Down on South Dearborn Street, a sign and pink picket fence marks the entrance into one of Seattle’s overlooked communities. Nickelsville is an encampment of tents and individual shelters packed onto a steep hill, a transitory home to homeless people and families in the area. Last week, Seattle City Council, backed by Mayor Ed Murray, […]

Metamorphosis Caught On Film In New Exhibit

“I love her,” is something people usually say about their friends, family members and sweethearts. But a new photo exhibit on campus proposes that it is also something people should say about themselves. Seattle University juniors Monica Lloyd and Kathy Rizzo met during their freshman year. Lloyd was one of the first people with whom […]

You Say Vagina, I Say Vagina

You stop to chat with a friend on the lower mall. Common conversation topics might include class, the weather, C-street and unreliable printers. Things you’re probably not talking about? Vaginas. It’s not as though they’re not thought about. They’re around, they’re here to stay, but they carry enough stigma that few are comfortable talking about […]

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