Many Thanks To Relay For Life

One of my earliest childhood memories is of the day that my mom came home with no hair. I didn’t understand what chemotherapy was until she had been cured for several years, but my knowledge of cancer stemmed from early experiences like this one. Last Saturday, the Spectator participated in Seattle University’s branch of Relay […]

Photo Campaign Reclaims The Word “Disability”

The connotations of a word often carry more weight than the word’s actual definition. Take “disability,” for example. Our culture still largely perceives disabilities as negative—ultimately detrimental. A student group at Seattle University is seeking to show that this doesn’t have to be the case. Addison Lucia Anna Noel Pickett is the President of the […]

Show Up, Seattle U

Since my first days on campus as a freshman, I’ve heard Seattle University students passionately and justifiably calling for the administration to act in a way that merits our social justice mission statement. But sometimes I think we students could use a dose of our own medicine. In the near three years that I’ve been […]

Art gets Personal at Advanced Studio Art Exhibit

A cup of coffee every morning. Her favorite bed sheets. Some wine that a friend gave her for her 21st birthday. The small material things in senior Rachel Young’s life manifest as preciousness in the art that she makes. Kyle Kotani • The Spectator Devin Ball, “Digging for Gold”: Hellebore I’ve held onto for too […]

This Year’s Oscars a Mixed Bag

I don’t usually watch the Oscars—I’m just not very into film. That being said, this year when I read about the ceremony and watched clips during the aftermath, I found myself feeling grateful that many nominees used their fame to bring attention to deeply important issues. Granted, some were misguided. While Chris Rock took the […]

99k for Seattle U Dance Marathon’s Ninth Year

When eight-year-old Jaden Burnett underwent treatment for recurrent ear infections, his family faced an unfathomable situation. They had to choose between his medical needs and the family’s other basic necessities. Fortunately, Seattle Children’s Hospital’s Uncompensated Care Fund helped cover what was not provided by their insurance, saving them from this impossible choice, and letting Jaden […]

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