Fans are the Worst

Recently, a group of Seattle Seahawks fans started a petition to keep Fox Sports commentators Joe Buck and Troy Aikman from calling any future Seahawks games. From the petition: “Hey 12th man are you sick of Troy Aikman and Joe Buck ruining our games? Reporting should never be biased, so why does former Cowboys QB […]

Fantasy Football is Dumb

Welcome to what should be the fourth but is actually only the third edition of “Sports R Dumb!” I apologize for not posting last week, I hope you all didn’t miss me too much. So, what’s dumb this week? Fantasy football. Fantasy football has caused me more grief than just about any other event so […]

Home Field Advantage Age an Unfair System

I want to talk about home field advantage for the World Series. Under its current format, home field is determined by the winner of the All Star game, typically played in mid July. Why? It doesn’t make sense. Why not award home field to the team with the best record, like every other professional sports […]

Communication Woes Still Plague Seahawks

Through six weeks of the NFL season, the Seattle Seahawks find themselves staring at a 2-4 record, with a very real chance of missing the playoffs. Miscommunication on defense has been a theme in every loss this year. Part of this could be because of Kam Chancellor’s training camp holdout, part of it could be […]

Damn it, Seahawks!

Welcome to the second installment of Sports R dumb! Last week, I told you about my disappointment in the Mariners. We’re moving on this week, but before we do, I would like to point out that both the Houston Astros AND Texas Rangers were eliminated from the MLB playoffs today. Ahhh, what a wonderful day […]

Bengals Snatch Their Prey, Down Seahawks in Overtime

Within 127 seconds, the Seahawks took a tightly contested game and blew it wide open. On the first play of the Seahawks’ second drive in the third quarter, rookie running back Thomas Rawls rumbled down the left sideline for a 69-yard score. Four plays later, Michael Bennett forced a fumble, and linebacker Bobby Wagner picked […]

Sports R Dumb

Welcome to the first edition of “Sports R Dumb!” You may be asking yourself, “wait a minute, isn’t this dude the sports editor? Why is his weekly column titled ‘Sports R Dumb?’” It’s true, I am the new sports editor. But let’s face it, sports can be insanely frustrating sometimes. For example: The Mariners were […]

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