Zika Virus and Its Concerning Media Portrayal

The Zika virus—which has quickly spread around the globe since late last year—became a local issue when Washington’s first case was diagnosed on Feb. 22. But with media coverage of the disease ranging from relaxed warnings to panic-induced reports, it can be difficult to discern whether the virus is a real cause for concern. Most […]

Humans of SU

Rick Reyes Philosophy “If I could have any superpower I would want to read minds. It would be great to just pull the funniest pranks on people. Also I would be able to ask people questions and figure out what they think about me but mostly who they are as a person.”

If Re-elected, Murray Recommits to Bigger Changes

Since Mayor Ed Murray’s election in 2013, his time has been defined by issues like affordable housing, climate change and transportation—many of which have remain unresolved. Despite the lack of resolutions, Murray has announced his run for re-election as Mayor of Seattle and many are supportive. AP Photo . Elaine Thompson Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn, […]

Players Call Foul on Flag Football Rules

On the Seattle University intramural co-ed flag football team that competes during fall quarter, a woman’s touchdown earns nine points, while a man’s earns only six. Though this rule attempts to make up for discrepancies in experience or ability between genders, players across the board are unhappy about it. This rule is one among several […]

Oscar Watch with Scott

I think I may have misjudged how many weeks there were until the Oscars started, so instead of the doing Best Picture and Director this week, I will instead be looking at the Best Screenplay (Original and Adapted) and save the others for next week. So let’s get to it. Best Original Screenplay There are […]

Time Out Session: Brendan Westendorf

Seattle University junior guard Brendan Westendorf helped bring the Seattle University men’s basketball team their fourth straight win on Thursday, Feb. 4, barely beating the buzzer after heaving a shot from nearly midcourt. Along with contributing to the success of his team, Westendorf has also been named WAC Player of the week, an award he […]

What’s the Commotion About Caucuses?

The results of the Iowa caucus and the New Hampshire primary are in, and the race to determine presidential nominees is off to an exciting start. Unfortunately, Washington voters have to wait until the last leg of the race to participate. At this stage of the presidential election, each state’s Democratic and Republican parties are […]

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