Oh My Science: Winter Blues and Moody Cues

As someone who experiences a rather terrible drop in happiness and contentment in the face of a long, sun-less winter, I’m relishing the recent sun. I’m noticeably less irritated by people, I have more motivation, I actually want to be outside… I feel like a new person. Why is the presence of sun making such […]

Oh My Science: Homeopathy is Not My Homie

Being someone who cares about science, there are some ideas that we as a society have that just make me want to pull my hair out and scream, “WHY?!”. Anti-vaccination, treating cancer with food choices, avoiding microwaved foods (see last week’s column), or thinking that God causes natural disasters to punish us are only a […]

Oh My Science: Exposing Microwave Myths

ZAP! Your microwave turns on, molecules start to move around, and in a few minutes, you have a nice bag of popcorn or some lovely steamed veggies. Sounds nice, right? That story of the kid’s experiment with microwaved or boiled water on the plants tells us that we should be very afraid; the microwaved water […]

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