The Guidance Counselor on Fall Breakups and Adjusting to SU

Emily is not a licensed guidance counselor, but neither was Ann Landers.


Why does everybody break up in the Fall? Have you ever noticed this?


Yeah, sometimes. Ecologically, you can draw the obvious parallels to ending and death, and anticipation of renewal in the coming months. Have you ever experienced “Fall cleaning” being more relevant than the traditional Spring cleaning? I’m not sure if this is the insight you were looking for, but getting rid of things you don’t need look like a commonality.


I’m a new international student here at SU, and I’m having a hard time adjusting. Any tips to make this easier?


Welcome! The International Student Center is located in the Pavil- lion and you may find them to be helpful. They offer specific adjustment strategies and can connect you with other international students, in addition to hosting an array of rad events. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help. SU faculty are extensively trained to know how to adapt to your specific needs and, I promise, will be delighted to help you. Ask questions about the material and visit your professor during office hours. This sounds generic, but academic clarity is a huge part of adjusting.

Speaking of delighted people, hit up your OA because they are also ready, willing and are likely wondering why their small groupies aren’t literally texting them right now. Take time to explore the Hill, join campus clubs and get email notifications for things you’re interested in.Talk with your friends and fam’ back home as much as you need to, but try not to let it hinder your immersion into your new life. If you feel like it, speak up in class often. This is about the friendliest campus I’ve ever been to, so even if folks look grumpy they’re probably just trying to look effortless and cool. Don’t be intimidated, and you’re a champ! Welcome again!

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