The Guidance Counselor on Lack of Passion and Drinking Problems


I’m not feeling passionate about anything I used to care about anymore. Is that weird?


No, it happens to everybody. Maybe you are depressed and this is a symptom, which is also not weird. Maybe you’re getting burnt out because it’s the middle of February. Stay active, keep your room clean, eat vegetables and talk to someone– a pal or a professional.


I think my friend might be drinking too much. What should I do?


Suggest/partake in activities with them that don’t involve drinking. Also, discuss it in a sober, private moment. Use positive language that opens the dialogue, and avoid accusations or using terms like “alcoholic” or “problem.” Try “I’ve noticed ‘x,’ what do you think?” The first person perspective and asking their opinion is likely to go over constructively. Come from a place of loving concern instead of attacking or criticizing their behavior. It is very easy to get defensive when someone says that something you do habitually is not tight, so try your hardest to keep it a conversation instead of a lecture. They may just have a different lifestyle than you, or may get defensive anyway, but you’re being a virtuous friend so you might have to let it go for now if they’re not being receptive. They could have already recognized it in themselves so this could be extra sensitive. Also, don’t expect immediate results. You saying something just puts it on their radar and that is a good thing.



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One Response to “The Guidance Counselor on Lack of Passion and Drinking Problems”

  1. Dee says:

    In reply to the first question of not feeling passionate anymore about the things you use to be, I feel exactly the same way. So, yeah, Emily is right to say that it’s totally normal. I find that trying new things helps, I’m doing things like laid-back photography, decorating my room, cooking new recipes, reading new books, or just anything different from what I usually do. Naturally, I’ve found my way back to the things I use to really love and see them differently now but in a good way, plus I’m finding new passions along the way.
    P.S. Seattle is known for altering our moods… It’s the gloomy weather. =\

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